Volunteer Days

Landmatters Permaculture Project is hosting regular volunteer days on the last Saturday of each month. Please note that in August we will not have a volunteer day.

Come up, get muddy and get involved in a variety of land-based activities from gardening to animal care to land management to woodland work.

From 10am – 5pm on the last Saturday of each month.

Please bring a packed lunch and call Landmatters on 01803712718 to advise if you are attending.

Please note – We actively support the use of public transport and shared cars so please consider how you can travel to us in this way. There is a bus from Totnes to within 25mins walk of our community. If driving please offer lift shares if possible for the other people coming. Please also note we have limited available space on site for private vehicles – therefore it is important to let us know in advance if you are considering driving here.