Our polypod was designed and built by Rowan Strickland, with help from some

amazing volunteers. It has 3 raised beds inside sparated by wood chip paths,

and rainwater is collected by gutters into water tanks.

The frame is made of locally sourced Larch and Douglas Fir, and is an

experiment in Permaculture low impact building – it’s also very

beautiful. Birds come in to feast on passing insects, and a toad enjoys its


A range of vegetables and herbs are grown for the residents, and for Salad

Days to sell locally, including pak choi, tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies,

basil, parsley and salad leaves.

More information on Rowan’s work can be found on his website www.rowanstickland.co.uk

Article written for the Permaculture Magazine website can be found at www.permaculture.co.uk/articles/creating-community-polypod

Big thanks to Wessex Reinvestment Trust for the grant received towards the

Polypod Project.