What We Offer


A place to live, raise children, grow plants, explore relationships, discover low impact living and what community is, an educational site, a Permaculture demonstration plot, green pastures and semi ancient woodland, we have lots of laughter and occasional tears.. writing this the list seems endless! (and more than abit blurry!) Have tried to define our “areas” and “offerings” below that we feel we offer our wider community – read the how we do it page for more info on the working of the coop…. please contact us anytime with any queries

Hedging saplings and whips for sale

Local provenance South Hams young trees, mostly 1m tall and over, suitable for filling gaps in your hedgerow, or as standards for you garden. Seed collected and grown at Landmatters Permaculture Co-op at Allaleigh, near Totnes.

Whips 25-50p depending on species. Maturer trees priced according to size.

Hawthorn – whips and larger                     Blackthorn – whips only

Cherry – whips and larger                             Rowan – whips only

Oak – whips and larger                          Ash – whips only

Spindle – whips and larger                            Holly – little

Sweet Chestnut – whips and larger

Please email charlotte@tuxdeluxe.org for further information.