Humanure Day: Sunday June 3rd 10am – 4:30pm

This is a volunteer work day where we look at the question:
IMG_6602What’s the alternative to disposing of our poo and pee into our drinking water?

By carefully collecting and processing our bodily ‘waste’ we can turn something that might otherwise be toxic, into a nutrient rich soil conditioner. Humanure (human manure), when composted well is safe and extremely beneficial to the land.

During this work day we will be looking at some of the ways of processing human bodily ‘waste’. We will briefly cover the theory around humanure and how it can help reduce some of the major problems the world faces. Then we will have a go at harvesting and using some of the composted humanure on the Landmatters site.

This is a volunteer work day which is geared towards educating individuals about the safe collection, processing, and handling of humanure. All safety equipment and materials will by provided. As well as teas and snacks. If you are curious about humanure then this a great opportunity to see a successful process in action.

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