About Us

The Holding

The land is comprised of approximately 42 acres of which 17 acres are semi-natural ancient woodland, 22 acres are pasture and the remainder is naturally regenerating scrub and hedgerows. There is a stream along the most north-westerly boundary.

The People

The co-operative’s members have a diverse range of backgrounds and skills such as sustainable land use, organic horticulture, woodland management and wood crafts, ecology of biodiversity, conservation, arts, education, group facilitation and working within co-operative structures. Most are trained in Permaculture design.

The residents have the intention to create a thriving low impact community, a place where we can explore ways of living gently on the earth and inspire others to do the same. We feel this is an appropriate thing to do in order to take personal responsibility for climate change and the current environmental crisis. We also wish to live like this out of a sense of responsibility to future generations.


Visiting Landmatters

If you’re interested in visiting Landmatters we host guided tours on the second Saturday of every month for a donation. Ring us to book a place, on: 01803 712718 Or for a longer visit you can stay as a volunteer or by hiring the Holly Retreat Yurt. All visitors are asked to call before coming and to avoid using private motor vehicles if at all possible. Thankyou!