About Us (t)

The Holding

The land is comprised of approximately 42 acres of which 17 acres are semi-natural ancient woodland, 22 acres are pasture and the remainder is naturally regenerating scrub and hedgerows. There is a stream along the most north-westerly boundary.

The People

The co-operative’s members have a diverse range of backgrounds and skills such as sustainable land use, organic horticulture, woodland management and wood crafts, ecology of biodiversity, conservation, arts, education, group facilitation and working within co-operative structures. Most are trained in Permaculture design.

The residents have the intention to create a thriving low impact community, a place where we can explore ways of living gently on the earth and inspire others to do the same. We feel this is an appropriate thing to do in order to take personal responsibility for climate change and the current environmental crisis. We also wish to live like this out of a sense of responsibility to future generations.


The Purpose of Landmatters Co-operative

To be a thriving, nature-connected permaculture community living low-impact solutions that reduce our ecological footprint, so we can be an active part of creating a sustainable world.

We connect with and steward the land in order to enhance its diversity, productivity and beauty, whilst providing an educational resource to the wider community.

Mission Statement

  • We use permaculture Ethics, Principles and Design methods.
  • We are “learning by doing” – reskilling ourselves and others.
  • We use Consensus Decision-making process, and are committed to healthy communication using the “Way of Council” and other relevant tools.
  • We live off-grid in low-impact structures. We use wind and solar power, harvest woood and water from the land, and compost our own wastes.
  • We produce increasing amounts of food and other products from the land.
  • We make this land the focus of our livelihoods and activities, hosting visitors, volunteers and courses here.
  • We share and maintain communal spaces and vehicles.
  • We consciously connect to nature by being in touch with the elements, observing the natural world and celebrating the seasonal cycles.
  • We believe in positive change, working towards an equitable and sustainable future – personally, locally and globally.

Quality of Life Statement

We feel at one with the natural world

We feel connected, energized and joyful

We are spiritually nourished

Our children feel understood, inspired, loved and nourished

We feel productive and effective

We experience abundance, inspiration and flow

We are supported and appreciated

We enjoy fulfilling our purpose together and have fun

Our relationships are healthy, respectful and co-operative

We enjoy learning and exchanging ideas

We feel that we are having a beneficial impact on the wider world